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Newsletter #33: January 2003

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* From the Home Office *

Nature can be so cruel! Here it is, deep into the winter sales, and Paris has been getting snow. Last weekend over 15,000 people were stuck in their cars all night on the autoroutes around Ile-de-France (the region where Paris is located, FYI) as the snow piled up. Today it’s a chilly -4C° (that’s below freezing, eek!) Thank goodness for shopping malls, eh? I used to think malls were pretty stupid, preferring to go from boutique to boutique along the streets. Then I lived in Minnesota and discovered why the Mall of America was so popular! I just had an email today from a reader asking me if she should bother coming to Paris in April with such unpredictable Spring weather. Well, I think Paris is great any time, even if the weather is too hot, too cold…I mean, c’mon, it’s not Minnesota! This issue is devoted to shopping under cover in Paris, just in case some of you are visiting from Tahiti or Scottsdale and don’t like the icky vold and wet stuff al…

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