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Newsletter #3: February 2001

vintage Paris photo

For Visitors

When the weather isn’t cooperating, here are a few ideas to entertain yourself indoors:

Paris Story is a sort of musical cinematic tale of the history of Paris from antiquity to modern times. Fascinating for both visitors and residents. Get all of the info in English at their website.

There’s so much to do and see at the Cité des Sciences & de l’Industrie, the whole family could be entertained for a week. Check out the latest events, exhibits, and films at their flashy website.

For some evening entertainment, the Moulin Rouge Cabaret is still going strong. Check their website for show times, photos, and to read about the history of this titillating Parisian institution.

Don’t Miss That Plane! If you’re light on luggage and want to experience one of the most …

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