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Newsletter #29: September 2002

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*** Secrets of Paris Newsletter #29: September 11, 2002 ***


* From the Home Office
* Meet Me at Ric’s Tomorrow!
* September 11
* Yes, you CAN blend with the Parisians
* The Latest Beauty Megastore
* So Happy in Paris? Soirée
* Techno Parade 2002
* The Frigos are Open
* Autumn Festival at the Flea Market
* Paris Tourism Office in the Fog
* Bon Marché celebrates 150 Years
* And over on the Grands Boulevards
* Smokers Fight Back
* My Paris Calendar

* From the Home Office *
Many of you pointed out the lack of an August issue, sorry about that. I was on vacation myself (up in the mountains), and then spent a few weeks trying to get the new website working on the newer version of Dreamweaver (still haven’t figured out how to get the photos on there). So go check out the first version at http://www.SecretsofParis.com, and no laughing at the design (I’m workin’ on it!) For all of you that found me through Suite101.com (www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/4820), the topic has changed to France from the Inside so I can cover a larger stretch of France than just Paris. But don’t worry, this newsletter will still be about Paris, and I hope you all enjoy! -Heather

* Meet Me at Ric’s Tomorrow! *
I know it’s last minute, but if any of you in Paris tomorrow (Thursday, September 12) and free between 3-5pm, come meet me at Ric’s “Café Metropole Club”. Ric is the prolific Paris commentator who started his Thursday afternoon get-togethers about three years ago in the Brasserie La Corona, just on the quai behind the Louvre. People from all over the world who read Ric’s newsletter meet here, no reservations necessary, just to have a good chat and some munchies. Any Secrets of Paris readers are welcome, and I’ll even buy a drink for the first one who shows up! Check out Ric’s site for more info: http://www.metropoleparis.com/aclub.html

* September 11 *
Today is my wedding anniversary, and this year we’re going to actually make it to dinner (as soon as I’m done the newsletter)! Did you know that the traditional gift for the third wedding anniversary is leather? I know just the store…
You can read Paris 9/11 news of a more sombre nature at the Bonjour Paris website: http://www.bparis.com/

* Yes, you CAN blend with the Parisians *
Before I arrived in Paris for the first time, I was told to read “French or Foe?” by Polly Platt, Cross Cultural Trainer extraordinaire. Despite all of the other things making me go nuts that first year, at least I knew not to take it personally when no one smiled at me or helped me in the shops. If you’re in Paris and want to attend one of Polly’s two seminars offered this fall, there are still a few spaces left! Here’s the info, and tell them I sent you!

”Polly Platt loves to make people laugh. She’s really happy if she can make
people laugh while at the same time giving them the knowledge and alertness
they need for switching gears to the French, so that they can steer their
frustrations and confusion into a delightful adventure, a skilfully
piloted cruise on the rich deep seas of France. Polly’s seminars have
had real success in transforming the furious "Drown the French in the Seine!"
syndrome into the synergy of "The French really are different — and
wonderful! What a great team we’ll make!" A bonus is that much of what the
participants discover is also helpful in adapting to other foreign
countries — and in re-entry to their own.”

These 2 day seminars will be held on Sept. 21 & 28 and on Nov. 10 &17. To register or receive a full brochure, contact Alice-Gray Gregory at (33) 1 45 22 83 72 or AliceGrayG@aol.com. More info can be found on http://www.pollyplatt.com.

* The Latest Beauty Megastore *
Sephora is up for some hefty competition with this month’s opening of the Parfumerie Générale. They supposedly stock all of the brands you can only get in NY, Australia, London, Tokyo…a bit like London’s SpaceNK. There’s also products for men, and a place in the store where you can get a real old-fashioned shave. The first store in the series is located at 6, rue Robert Estienne, in the 8th arrondissement. Here’s the website, French only:

* So Happy in Paris? Soirée *
The DJ’s of La Coupole and Les Bains fame, Michaël C and P. Ashe, are spinning their deep garage tunes every Thursday night at WAGG (under the Alcazar, 6th), starting September 19th. Entry is €10 with a drink, but you can get a second entry for free by e-mailing (you can probably get away with Franglais) the staff at Chaudbizz: redaction@chaudbizz.com

* Techno Parade 2002 *
This year’s theme of the most colorful and musical parade in Paris is “Laissez-nous Danser!” (Let us dance!) It takes place this Saturday the 14th at 1pm, starting at Denfert Rochereau to the Place de la Bastille passing by Austerlitz. Not to be missed!

* The Frigos are Open *
If you’ve ever wondered what that old factory covered in graffiti/art was doing over in the 13th (just off the Pont Tolbiac, on line 14), then you won’t want to miss the Berlin-Paris International Performing Arts Congress taking place there September 13-15. Once an artists’ squat, now the coolest place for artists to live, you won’t want to miss taking a peek inside. On the program is theatre, dance, electronic music, video, etc., and all the public are welcome.
“A la Voûte aux Frigos”
91, Quai Panhard-et-Levassor, 13th

* Autumn Festival at the Flea Market *
The Marché Paul Bert (at the Marché aux Puces) is having its annual festival September 28-29, 10am-7pm. Over 220 stands on 7 alleys, plenty of antiques, furniture and junk to sift through!
Marché Paul Bert
96 rue des Rosiers
M° Porte de Saint-Ouen

* Paris Tourism Office in the Fog *
They’ve changed their website, but today all I get is a white screen (www.parisbienvenue.com). Bear with them, and if you’re in Paris try and just stop in to the offices at 127, ave Champs-Elysées, or call them at 01-49-52-53-01.

* Bon Marché celebrates 150 Years *
Personally, the Bon Marché is my favorite department store in Paris. Maybe it’s because of the Grande Epicerie around the back selling gourmet food from all over the world. If you haven’t been there in awhile, do stop in and check out the annual holiday displays, the Shu Uemura Nail bar, or the fabu accessories section.
Le Bon Marché
24, rue de Sèvres, 7th
Métro Sèvres Babylone
La Grande Epicerie de Paris
38, rue de Sèvres

* And over on the Grands Boulevards… *
Highlighting new and trendy designers, Galeries Lafayette’s Hausseman store now has a Labo Chaussures and a Labo Accessoires featuring LeFlesh, Marc Jacobs, Rodolphe Mendier, Bernhard Willhelm and Sharon Wauchob. What’s a Labo ? I think it’s short for Laboratory, but in any case it’s not your regular ho-hum selection! Printemps just next door has expanded its “Maison” department, and now it’s almost the size of a Habitat store! One stop-shopping for those cold Parisian winters, eh?

* Smokers Fight Back *
After a completely innocent listing in the last issue about Smoke-Free Dining Guide to Paris, I got a few angry smokers writing in (at least I know someone’s reading) with the “Go back to California!” response. Just to show I’m not biased, here’s a smoke shop you should visit. Au Caïd is one of the oldest boutiques in St. Michel neighborhood, selling pipes, cigars and tobacco accessories for 120 years.
Au Caïd 24, bd Saint-Michel, 6th 01-43-26-04-01

* My Paris Calendar *
Check out the Paris section of this website for easyjet’s inflight magazine (FYI: easyjet is the inter-European discount airline that just started service to Paris in June). I’ve updated the September Diary of things to see and do, with hotels, dining, nightlife and shopping, too.

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