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Newsletter #27: June 2002

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Secrets of Paris Newsletter #27: June 28, 2002


* From the Home Office
* Easy Paris
* Garden Club Soirée
* Fashion Designers on Display
* Miss Transsexual 2002

* From the Home Office *
This is going to have to be a short one folks, since we’re *finally* moving into our new place today. It’s just in the next town over from where we are now (Antibes) but alas, the high-speed ADSL connection will be lost (the new place only has a dial-up connection for the moment). I was going to send this out last week, but due to a one-day air traffic control strike in France last Wednesday, I had to leave for my short trip to the US a day early, and, well, these things happen in France (always, always check and double-check your flights when flying in or out of France!). As for July in Paris, things have cooled down a bit since the French team didn’t get into the World Cup Finals, but there’s still plenty to get excited about, like Bastille Day (July 14) and all of the wonderful cinema festivals to get you out of the muggy streets and into the cool, air conditioned cinemas. Wish me luck with the move (against our own better judgement, we’re going to attempt to do it ourselves), and see you next month! -H

* Easy Paris *
Check out the Paris section of this website for easyjet’s inflight magazine (FYI: easyjet is the inter-European discount airline that just started service to Paris in June). I’ve written an article for their July issue about Paris nightlife and have updated the July Diary with tons of stuff to see and do in Paris, and hotel and dining recommendations.

* Garden Club Soirée *
Groove to the Funk and House beats at the Friday night "Girls in Paradise" soirées at the Garden Club. Free entry and open bar all night long for the ladies (€20 for the men, includes one drink). On July 5th there’s a special guest DJ, Michaël Canitrot (from the famous "So, Happy in Paris?" soirées).
Garden Club, 4 rue Arsène Houssaye, 8th arr.

* Fashion Designers on Display *
If you’re a connoisseur of fashion and designers are your heroes, check out the latest exhibition at the Musée de la Mode, "Couturier Superstar". It highlights the transformation of fashion designers from their artisan/craftsman beginnings to their modern roles as pop stars (think Jean-Paul Gaultier). Until September 29, 2002.
Musée de la Mode et du Textile: Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs, 107-111 rue de Rivoli, 1st arr.

* Miss Transsexual 2002 *
Still looking for something to do tomorrow night? Then check out one of the more colourful beauty pageants in the world at the 3rd Annual Miss Transsexual 2002. Various media and nightlife celebrities (French ones, I’m guessing) will make up the judging panel, and then it’s dancing until dawn to the Latino House and R&B DJs. For those who think the Moulin Rouge is a bit too tame (don’t say I didn’t warn you!)
Elysée Montmartre, 72 blvd Rochechouart, 18th arr, at 23h45 (that’s 11:45pm, folks), Saturday June 29; €20.
You can peek at their official website, too, but don’t do it at work!

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