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Newsletter #26: June 2002

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* From the Home Office *

Sacré bleu! France lost the opening match of the 2002 World Cup to Senegal on Friday, proving to be a tad embarrassing for the reining football (soccer) champions of the world. But it’s not over yet. The World Cup tournament lasts all month, which is terribly exciting if you’re a football (soccer) fan like my Mancunian hubby, and not so enthralling if you’re American (me). Why is it that Americans don’t give a hoot about the world’s most popular sport? After all, most of us played soccer in school and on the playground (I was a great goalie, believe it or not). I read an article on the BBC Sport website that basically chalked it up to three reasons: first, the World Cup coincides with basketball and ice hockey championship games; second, the World Cup games take place between 2am and 7am US time; finally, in the last World Cup the US team lost all thr…

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