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Newsletter #23: April 2002

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* From the Home Office *

Lots going on lately in Franceland. I’ve been trying to register myself as a writer with AGESSA (self-employment social security office) and buy a house all in one month. That’s not only a lot of new vocabulary to learn, it’s also a real test in patience. Luckily I’ve built up a number of great resources over the years, people who can give sound advice and sympathize with my frustrations. I admire the newcomers to France who jump right into the hard stuff without knowing what they’re in for. For Americans, especially, there’s a tendency to want to do everything one’s self, so “What are the rules?” Unfortunately it’s not quite as straightforward in France, so the best thing to do is to gather as much info as possible before relocating/buying property/picking a school/looking for a job/paying taxes and so on. There are fabulous resources…

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