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Newsletter #202: April 2020

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When I wrote the last newsletter one month ago, there were only 200 cases of coronavirus in France, including just three in Paris. So much has happened all over the world since then, I can’t imagine there’s anyone reading this who isn’t affected by the pandemic in some way.

To stay on top of the events as they unfold in Paris I’ve been doing daily updates on the Secrets of Paris website since March 15th. Some posts are like mini-newsletters, full of links and news. Some are more personal than I’m used to sharing, such as what I’ve been cooking, how my daily routine has changed (or not). I certainly never dreamed I’d ever post my awkward ukulele fumblings on Instagram, but now’s not the time to pretend we’re all living the perfect lives we know we’re not, so what have I got to lose?

As I wrote in the post for today — Day 20! — some days it’s hard to resist the urge to…

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