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Newsletter #185: January 2019

Disney Teacup Ride

Inside this Issue

* From the Editor
* Edwart’s Vegan “Nutella”
* Recycling in Paris Just Got Easier in 2019
* LDLC Computer Store
* Paris Tram Expands
* No 2018 French Income Tax
* FYI: Le spam
* Cut Down on Packaging: Buying in Bulk in Paris
* The Louvre Museum Break Attendance Records in 2018
* The Red Wheelbarrow English Bookstore is Back!

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From the Editor

As we begin 2019 — the year Secrets of Paris celebrates its 20th anniversary! — I can’t help but think of all the ways Paris has changed since I first started this newsletter in October 1999. One thing that hasn’t changed at all is the need for honest, useful, and accurate inside information. Despite the endless number of new websites, apps, and services meant to help travelers and new residents understand and thrive in this amazing city, it’s shocking how much of it is repetitive, useless fluff that only serves to overwhelm. As long as I keep finding useful information I don’t see published anywhere else, I will continue to publish the Secrets of Paris. As long as I see rampant misinformation and outdated clichés, I will continue to call them out. Thanks to everyone for your encouraging emails and comments, you make it worth the trouble!  As usual, check out the Secrets of Paris

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