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Newsletter #176: October 2016

Paris bar

In this Edition

* Understanding Paris: Two New Essays
* Classic Parisian Jazz Clubs
* How I became a French Citizen
* Vegan Paris
* Flight Attendants on the Metro?
* Specialty Shops in the 2nd

* French Films for Cold Fall Nights
* Centralized Taxi App Platform
* Volunteer Apero Thursday Night
* Spring 2017 Travel Writing Workshop

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* Understanding Paris: The Cartesian Method & How to Drive in Paris *

In case you missed Scott Dominic Carpenter’s latest essays in the series “Understanding Paris”, check out The Cartesian Method to discover the French transit authority’s clever solution to a multi-lingual problem on the RER airport train. And for anyone – whether visiting or living in Paris – who dares to drive in this city, don’t miss Zéro de Conduite: How to Drive I Paris for some useful tips from an insider…who may or may not have spent time in a French jail cell for driving in the wrong direction.

* Classic Parisian Jazz Clubs in Paris *

Looking for some low-key, late-night entertainment in Paris? Jazz clubs are aplenty in the City of Light. Scott w…

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