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Newsletter #166: January 2016


Inside this Issue

* Excuse the Mess
* Celebrating a New Year
* More Car-Free Zones in Paris for 2016
* Adieu, Plastic Bags…but Not Quite Yet
* Le Doggy Bag
* Fishing in the Canal
* The 10th District’s Memorial Garlands
* Charlie Hebdo Commemorations
* Two Important French Documentaries
* Growing Strawberries in the City
* Les Soldes, n’Importe Quoi
* Two Alternatives for Buying New
* New RATP Hotlines
* New Guide Solidarité for the Winter
* Win a Luxury Getaway for Two in Paris

* Paris Events Calendar

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* Excuse the Mess *

If you’ve been poking around the Secrets of Paris website you might find something missing or in the wrong place, and I apologize in advance for the mess. Most of the work on the new site is happening behind the scenes, but I occasionally type in the wrong code and l’enfer breaks loose. In the meantime, the newsletters will continue to have the useful and relevant information you’ve come to expect. I appreciate your continued loyalty and support during the transition. The new site is going to be AWESOME! (ahem) Bonné Année and Bonne Santé to all of you for 2016! – Heather

* Celebrating a New Year *

Thanks to a dip in the number of visitors this December, it was easier than ever to get a taxi on December 31st (silver linings and all), which is handy considering how many of us were probably too drunk to Vélib home: 2015 turned out to be a record-breaking year for Champagne sales (but that…

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