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Newsletter #156: June 2015

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Inside this Issue:

* Beware of Incorrect Paris Museum Information
* Museum Discounts with Seine Cruise Tickets
* Avoiding the Long Security line at Sainte-Chapelle
* How to Get Your Pétanque On
* Green Hotels and Charitable Booking Site
* Ticks in Paris
* Beta-Test Paris’ New Electric Scooters
* Current & Upcoming Paris Events
* Secrets of Paris Tours & Travel Planning 
* About Heather & the Secrets of Paris

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* Beware of Incorrect Paris Museum Information *

If you’re planning to visit a Paris museum or monument, do yourself a favor and double-check the opening hours and entry fees ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Don’t rely on printed or online guidebooks, on the Paris tourism office website, or on blogs. Why not? Because they often have outdated information that is completely wrong. And if you’re planning your whole day – or even your vacation itinerary – around this misinformation, imagine how much life will suck when the museum is no longer open on that particular day, or the tickets are not free anymore, or the particular artwork or room you wanted to see is temporarily closed? Or the Paris Museum Pass you thought you could use to “Skip the Line” doesn’t work at Ste-Chapelle, Versailles, nor Notre Dame’s towers?  Read more…  &…

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