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Newsletter #151: April 2015


In this Issue:

* Where to Get Parisian Garden Chairs
* Best Baguettes in Paris
* New Discount Paris Airport Bus
* Three Reasons to get to BnF
* Museum Expos for History Addicts
* Visit a Stained Glass Artisan
* Where to Get a Quick Parisian Updo
* Free Student Housing with Seniors 
* Puces getting Posh
* Houseplant SOS
* French Visas for Millennials 
* Suburban Kids Helping the Homeless
* Paris Travel Planning

* Where to Get the Iconic Parisian Garden Chairs *  

A retired friend of mine who spends a lot of time in Paris has become quite addicted to the art of relaxing in Luxembourg Gardens, so I wasn’t surprised when he asked if I knew where he could get his very own Paris garden chair (the reclined one, of course) for his home back in the US. I know TWO places! The Prince Jardinier (who took over the legendary Deyrolle boutique) bought up a huge stock of real Parisian garden chairs destined for the trash heap, and has rehabilitated and painted them in fun colors for the general public to purchase. Of course there’s the not small problem of getting them across the pond. Happily there’s 


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  • Hello Antonia,Yes, I do know of many unique boutiques, many mentioned here in my newsletters. If you'd like a customized list don't hesitate to email me to set up a travel planning session. – Heather

  • Hello. I am planning a visit to Paris for a prominent couple from US and your newsletter has been vey helpful. Would you also know of unique boutiques in Paris, special fashion for older ladies, toy shops, typical Parisian shoe boutique and more…thnk you!