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Newsletter #135: February 5, 2014

vintage Paris photo

In this Issue

* Adorable New French Concept Store
* Eyewear Made in France
* A Classy Valentine’s Gift 
* French Food, Restaurants, Cooking
* Cinema Social Club Soirées
* Lost Something in a Paris Taxi?
* A Valentine’s Day Singles Event 
* World Radio Paris Crowdfunding
* Bryan Needs Interviewees
* Where to Recycle Clothes & Shoes
* Assistance with Writing in French
* Stay Informed on all Public Services
* Secrets of Paris Calendar

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Hello February!

So far 2014 has been amazingly mild. I rarely even wear my gloves, which is saying a lot for this frilleuse Arizona girl! I’ve been training for the Semi-Marathon de Paris (March 2nd), training in my awesome new stagiaire, Sheena (you’ll be seeing some excellent new articles by her over the next few months), and going through the tedious process of interviewing book designers, printers and app developers for the various publishing projects I’ve been trying to finish for…ever. February is a short month, so I try not to pile too much onto my plate, but one thing I’m really looking forward to is watching the new French animation film Minuscule, the adventures of an ant and a ladybug who discover a box of sugar. I’ll let you know how it is! …

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  • Thanks for your latest Newsletter., Heather. I just wanted you to know that Ifinally got the St. Valentin poster that you had advertised in your Feb.newsletter. I ordered it from L'Attrape Reve the day I saw it, thinking it would be agreat Valentine's Day gift for my husband. Melissa at L'Attrape was sohelpful answering our many e mails. First the poster was delayed being sent from Attrape, then Colissimo did not deliver for many manydays but Melissa faithfully tracked it down. When it finally arrived atthe Post Office in Jussieu, (we moved apartments in the interim) theposter was damaged with a large crease right down the middle. Finally wewent personally to L'Attrape, met Melissa, who is charming and delightfuland she gave us a new poster. Hooray. She even directed us to a frameshop in the 11th where we bought all the right stuff to hang it.It is a wonderful poster and looks smashing in our new apartment.