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Newsletter #13: August 2001

vintage Paris photo

* From the Home Office*

All of the secrets in this edition were found tucked away in various magazines I read while vacationing in the Savoie region of France last week (up in the Alps). Nova, Madame Figaro, ELLE France, and other French magazines always have great little tidbits of info tucked into the editorial if you know where to look (and, obviously, if you have time to read French publications). Whenever I go to Paris on my short trips, I like to spend the time on the hour-long flight reading the local magazines. You find so much more than you will just reading the English-language magazines (although they’re quite helpful, too), things that Parisians want to know about, not just tourists. I highly recommend, for all of you that like to weather jet-lag in style, to get thee to a café or brasserie (comfy chairs a must) in a good people-watching street (there are a few at the…

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