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Newsletter #114: January 30, 2012

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In this issue

* Hot Chocolate Menu at the Lancaster
* Hidden Gardens in the Marais
* Free-Range Eggs for Crêpe Day!
* The Value-Added-Tax Going Up…and Up
* French Calendars for 2012
* Like Blue Man Group… without the Paint
* Two-for-One Versailles Tickets
* Aligre Flea Market
* Hotels for Valentines
* Paris Pastry Shops eBook and Party
* Strike Warning in French Airports
* Etiquette for Attending Mass at Notre Dame

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Hot Chocolate Menu at the Lancaster

I was visiting the Hôtel Lancaster, one of the more discreet luxury properties just off the Champs-Elysées, for the Fodor’s Guide. They had just completed a year of extensive renovation works, so I made an appointment with their marketing manager for a tour. And usually I hate to be kept waiting, especially when I have a dozen places to visit on any given day. But it gave me time to discover their fabulous hot chocolate menu. As I was sitting in the lounge bar just off the main lobby, a waiter came by and I ordered “un chocolat chaud”. When I saw him return with a menu instead of my chocolate, I was a bit miffed. Then I realized it was a special Hot Chocolate Menu, featuring six different flavors, for €12 each. I was tempted by the Tanariva-Madagascar, with ginger and Buddha’s Hand (a sort of lemony citrus fruit), but instead I went for the Accra-Ghana, which has mint and Sichuan pepper. They bring it in a pot, with littl…


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  • I have been a Catholic all my life, have been in many churches in the US, Canada and Europe. Everywhere that I have been, It is my experience that non-Catholics are always welcome to be present during Mass. Participation is not expected, but the same quiet courtesy that one should have at any religious service is expected. I agree that going to Communion is reserved to those who are in communion- or at unity- with the Catholic Church.

  • A lovely newsletter – thanks Heather! Cheers up my dreary January evenings to read about places I have been and others I long to go to some day!