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Newsletter #11: June 2001


* From the Home Office*

A propos this week’s question (see below), I’ve been pondering the Tour Eiffel (or Eiffel Tower, if you must). This symbol of 20th century Paris remains at the top of most visitors’ ‘to do’ lists, but from my first year in the city I wouldn’t even consider going up there, and I still regret the day I finally did. Call me an unromantic cynic, but I’ve got pretty good ‘pretending we’re having a blast’ radar, and I didn’t think anyone else really enjoyed it, either. First of all, unless you’re the first in line in the dead of January, you’re wait. And wait. And don’t think you’ll take the steps, because they only go up to the second floor, and you’ll still have to pay for the privilege. When you finally pay the $10 or so, and get in the elevator, you still have to switch…

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