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Arrival in Bormes-Les-Mimosas

The pool in Bormes

Long post to catch up today! This covers Saturday and most of Sunday, including the TGV train ride, the pros and cons of renting a house vs renting an apartment in the village, and the horrors of French hypermarkets…

The Train

When I last wrote, I was about to get on the train. At first it was the sweaty train, with everyone trying to find room for their suitcases. This specific TGV is a OUIGO train, which is the SNCF discount program, a lot cheaper than regular TGV tickets but with less room for baggage (there’s a one-bag limit with these tickets which no one seems to be following). These tickets also charge €2 more if you want to have a seat with a plug to charge your phone or laptop. I don’t recall paying more for this but I did request and got a window seat, so I did have the plug next to me and used it. 😊

TGV train