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Tour Deposit

Tour Deposit

Please select your deposit amount from the list below. You have the option of paying with a credit card or with your PayPal account. 

Scroll down to choose a deposit amount:
Orientation Deposit €50,00 EUR
Half-Day Deposit €150,00 EUR
Full-Day Deposit €300,00 EUR
Multi-Day Deposit €500,00 EUR

Once your deposit is completed you should immediately receive a confirmation email (we will also get a copy of this confirmation). If you have questions or problems, please contact Heather.

If you see the page in French, come back to this page and start over. When you are on the first French page, you’ll see at the bottom:

“Vous n’avez pas de compte PayPal ?
Utilisez votre carte bancaire ou votre compte bancaire (le cas échéant). Continuer”

Click on “Continuer”, and the first pull down menu on next page asks for your country, “Pays”. You should enter “Etats Unis d’Amerique” if you’re in the USA, and it will refresh the page automatically in English with the right credit cards to choose from (you should basically enter the country that your credit card is from to get the right form).