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Newsletter #25: May 2002

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*** Secrets of Paris Newsletter #25: May 9, 2002 ***


* From the Home Office
* Episode 2 Avant-Première
* Ground Zero Exhibit
* Roller to London Contest
* Timeout Guide Goes Bad
* Fête de la Paix
* French Vogue…in English
* Best Skating Spots in Paris
* French Homestay Exchanges

* From the Home Office *
Sometimes it seems that nothing ever changes in Paris. People still go to Deux Magots, shop the Champs-Elysées, and club at Les Bains. It’s a cosy thing to think that everyone has this collective shared memory of Hemingway’s Paris. But things do change, and there’s actually a lot that goes on in Paris that most visitors (and even Parisians) never find out about. I hope, in some little way, that Secrets of Paris encourages you to step outside the regular guide book trails every once in awhile. Get off the bus in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Check out some lesser-known theatres and meet the Parisians who run those little boutiques that no one ever seems to go into. I know, I keep telling you to go to Disneyland…but have you ever gotten off the train at one of the stops in between Paris and Marne-La-Vallée? Just a thought…. -H

* Episode 2 Avant-Première *
Attention all Star Wars fans in Paris! "Episode 2: Attack of the Clones" is being shown on Thursday, May 16th at the historic Max Linder Panorama Cinema. There are three shows, at 19h45, 22h30 and 1h15, but I have no idea if there are any seats left. Since there’s no phone number listed at their website, you best get over to the theatre to find out!
Max Linder Panorama, 24 blvd Poissonniere, 9th arr., Metro Grands Boulevards.

* Ground Zero Exhibit *
"After September 11: Images from Ground Zero" an exhibition of 28 color photographs by American photographer Joel Meyerowitz of the World Trade Center disaster, is currently showing at Le Toit de la Grande Arche at La Défense through July 31, 2002.
Metro Line 1: La Grande Arche – La Défense
Open 10am-7:30pm

* Roller to London Contest *
"Roll’n’Rail: Paris/London" is the latest Eurostar publicity stunt to attract the daytrippers. They’re sending 280 in-line skaters across to London by Eurostar for an evening of skating, and back to Paris by midnight. Sounds like fun? All you have to do is sign up before May 12th at midnight on the website (you should get a pop-up window for the contest when you open the page), and if you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll be going from Paris to London on May 18th. Sure, it’s just a day, but what a fun way to travel!

* Timeout Guide Goes Bad *
I really liked the Timeout.com guide to Paris. It had everything, and was usually more up-to-date than their print edition. But in the past few weeks they’ve gone the way of many dot coms by providing just a hint of what you could find in the print version…and then telling you to go buy that if you want to know more. Okay, there’s still plenty of info, but it’s hardly as good as it was before. If you think I imagined the change, look on their ‘About this Site’ page, which still happily describes the ten sections on their site that are no longer there. So sad. I still recommend you go buy the guide, but then again, I only ever bought the guide because I liked the website so much…

* Fete de la Paix *
Celebrate a weekend of peace and love with the folks of the Commune Libre du Montmartre at their "Fête des Declarations de Paix et d’Amour". There will be food and wine stands and entertainment unlike the kind you’ll find at the bottom of the hill! And if you still haven’t figured out what a Commune Libre is, then this is your chance to ask (or even join).
Saturday May 11: 9h-midnight
Sunday May 12: 9h-20h
Place du Calvaire, Place Jean Baptiste Clément and in front of Saint-Pierre, 2 rue du Mont Cenis. Metro Abbesses.

* French Vogue…in English *
If your French isn’t up to speed, or you’d just like to read without missing the details, then check out Vogue Paris Online, which is available in French or English (the Editor-in-Chief is actually American living in Paris, so the translations are right on). Check out the Addresses for some shopping inspiration, or the What’s Hot in the Culture section for restaurant reviews. Of course, you can still just look at the runway pictures, too, if you want…

* Best Skating Spots in Paris *
The Mairie de Paris is probably not too impressed with this website, but anyone who considers themselves formidable on a skateboard or in a pair of in-line skates, then you should definitely check this out. Agoride.com is a French site for the alternative sports scene, everything from BMX and surfing to skating and skiing. Look in the ‘Spots’ section for detailed reviews of the best places around town to skate. According to these guys, if you’re a Parisian and you haven’t yet skated the Dôme (aka Museum of Modern Art), you’re a loser. Each entry gives details on location, difficulty, and even nearby fast-food and an assessment of the threat posed by the dealers sharing the same ‘spot’. Call it an Urban Adventure Guide, if you will. In French only.

* French Homestay Exchanges *
Christiane Gaubert is a French teacher of English and head of ELCD, an organization that facilitates direct individual homestay exchanges and homestays between students or people of all ages and from all walks of life. Their website records the homestay requests and offers from students/families providing good references. Available for French, American, British, Spanish, Japanese and Canadian citizens looking to exchange free hospitality.

* Check out my Archives *
There are over 55 articles and 175 links archived on my Secrets of Paris website at Suite101.com. Photos, too! Go have a peek: http://www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/4820

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