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Newsletter #101: September 2010



* Changes Afoot…
* Half-Prices Massages? Check.
* First Sparkling Water Fountain in Paris
* Three Places to Buy Antique Silver
* Three Places to Visit instead of the Monet Exhibition
* Three Restaurants I Tested
* Foot Reflexology Massage
* How to Survive Disneyland Paris
* Interview with a Writer… in Paris

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Changes Afoot…

So after 100 Secrets of Paris Newsletters, I’ve been thinking about changing the format a bit. Those of you who have been with me a few years are probably used to this by now. 😉 Instead of posting the entire newsletter online, I’m only posing some of the entries (with photos). That means that you, my loyal newsletter subscribers, get more information (and more secrets) than the folks who are just surfing around the website. Thanks again for reading; I hope you find some of the info here useful and/or entertaining, comme d’habitude!  – H

Half-Prices Massages? Check.

Dealissime.com is a fabulous site for getting huge discounts on all sorts of beauty treatments and massages, dancing or cooking classes, theatre shows and museums memberships.

First Sparkling Water Fountain in Paris

If you prefer your water sparkling rather than flat, head over to the Jardin …


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  • Paris has always been the place I have wanted to travel to the most. As an American, Paris has such a sense of romance, excitement, and antiquity that we do not have here. That's so interesting about the sparkling water fountain! I wish we had those!!

  • Hi Peter,Loyal subscribers get the entire issue delivered directly to them. As you didn't subscribe until 2 days ago, perhaps you should simply email me and ask politely for me to email you the ONE issue that isn't archived on this website. Regards,Heather

  • Hi.You should give your loyal newsletter subscribers a way to access complete back issues, not just the limited online version.