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Adieu to Another Old Parisian Tree

Last week I was giving a tour of Paris to two Americans. We hopped on the BatoBus at Notre Dame, and as we pulled up to the Louvre stop, I paused my commentary because something seemed wrong. It was too…bright. As I turned my head to look at the quai, I immediately spotted the problem. The immense plane tree that used to tower over the water was now just a stump. I was speechless (and for those who know me, that’s saying a lot!)

Alas, as upsetting as it is to see the removal of such a lovely old tree, it’s not exactly a surprise. Many of the cities trees succumb to disease, illness or pollution and need to be chopped down before they become dangerous (sick trees tend to lose branches in heavy winds, or fall over completely).

Happily, when I was visiting City Hall’s snazzy new website today, I saw they had made a little video in homage to the tree, a last glimpse before it was taken down because of a fungal disease. At the end, the text says that the tree will be replaced by a new one in the fall:



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